Excuse me for being away from my blog world =)

New followers: Xeb, Broken & Lonely
HI! <3
Thanks for following you guys! =)

Older followers: I never really said thanks so, : Thank you, loves!

P.S: Old blog title is back on. I realised there are a million blogs on "life". My title was so masalay-daar. It's weird, but I love it and am changing it again. Ali, Jatoi, Mano tum sab sro aur ro and hanso! *hmph*


  1. brok3n said...
    I take the recent win also has a little something to do with the new title? -coughECSTASYcough- ..=p
    Lonely Perverted Soul said...
    Actually im a old followere..:P i just added you now...
    Ubaid said...
    nice to see you back :)

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