I hope the title caught your attention! *cheeky smile*

First things first:

1)I am looking for a summer job. Anybody interested in hiring me can e-mail me on : anush_qaiser@msn.com
I will only read e-mails and I will not accept any friend invitations! Kindly contact me if you have an opening for a fresh A levels graduate in Lahore.

2) I need someone to tell me how to make a CV. Apparently, it's important if you want to work somewhere. E-mail on the address above to send me details. Thank you =)

3) Even though I do not believe there is any work such as 'home based', I'm still gladly volunteering for it! =P

On the more shittier side:

Business studies has 3 papers, okay? So on P2 (which was on Friday), I was doing some serious last minute studying on the venue and before going inside, I kept my notes beneath the table outside the hall. Genius that I am, I forgot them there and my 2 years ki mehnat is all fucked. All 5 sections in my own fucking writing are fucking lying somewhere. I was only going to revise it today and at 5 I realised what the fuck I had done. I'm a fucking idiot. I couldn't say 'fuck' enough. Please excuse the language but, yaar, FUCK!

I really really really need your prayers now.

And girls, in Lahore, where to get flip flops from?


  1. Ubaid said...
    seriously a better solution instead of waiting for people to help you make a cv and stuff just go to rozee.pk and make an account there, and make a cv online it gives the option to pring out and they even have the proper information about what sort of cv is required for a job, and along with that apply online there are lots of jobs there...

    and if you know anything in art tell me, there is one job...
    Maryam said...
    Flip flops: I heard Soul per.

    CV: Dude, rozee.pk has ridiculously easy step-by-step instructions for making one.
    Ubaid said...
    and oh buri hui aap key saath, tommorows paper is already fucked up 3 hours paper and i don't even know a single person who is prepared for it!!
    Emma W. said...

    CV: MUJHE IMPRESSIVE CV BANANI ATI HAI. :P Sir Hamid, who will teach you at PIFD, taught us. Well, chapter tha poora.. :D

    Flip Flops: Liberty. (H)
    AD said...
    hey girl, no vacation plans?
    come on now, dont sit and stink in lahore, go out and have some fun!

    how about umrah?

    well i aint quite ready for it or my dad just bought the topic up last night!
    Sophia Ali said...
    All the best Anushay, Insha Allah you will land yourself in your dream job (read as internship)...

    Keep your CV short and simple and don't forget to add your objective and strength....
    Shafi said...
    Just blog yourself in a nice neet plain paper along with your qualifications, skills and experience. :)
    Shafi said...
    Bye the way i would like to remind you there are a lot of F & D's in your page. Be careful, small kids may read those. ;)
    Ali said...
    Just use the resume wizard in MS Word. Works great. :-)
    Anushay. said...
    Thainks thainks

    Mano: We both know how good my Rozee cv is now, don't we? =P

    Emma: I'll ask for more tiops when required okay?
    AD: Will be visiting my village Inshallah and hopefully, if I get my visa, I might go to London. =)

    Sophia: Internship wernship =P lol. I m up for it. I just need to get OUT!

    Shafi: Hahaha. Few incidents made me say that =P

    Ali: I don't think I have it. I'll still check!

    Thank you all =)

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