So, i AGREE this is how it is. This is how everything is. No, I am not happy. Yes, I am embarrassed. And NO I WILL NOT EFFING RUN AWAY FROM MY COUNTRY. Yes, it's MINE! WHAT is going on with people? Why, in the name of religion, are they bombing everyone away? It is for religion, right? Why are you entering the mosques now?
And why do people keep saying : "Pakistan is no more a worthy place to live in"
Fuck you guys! Jab tak sakoon tha yahan se apni asses hilatay nai thay kuch mushkil time kya dekhnay parhay hein you are fucking running away!
There are freaking soldiers on the border risking their lives for us. THEY HAVE FAMILIES TOO. These CHILDREN who are dying everyday are innocent people. THE HAVE PLANNED LIVES AHEAD OF THEMSELVES TOO! These suicide bombers are freedom fighters. They are brainwashed. It's not their fault either!
Why should I leave my country? Why? han han han? Because stepping outside means that you might have to arrange my funeral? Good. Do it then. Because I would rather die here, where my country went through the PAIN of protecting me. Where my army didn't sleep a wink while I enjoyed my cozy bed. Where my army left their lives, their houses, the luxuries, their families for ME. So that I have all that THEY give up. No matter WHAT happens tomorrow. Even if the lights are out for 12 hours, even if I am standing with a gun pointed at me, I WILL curse these people but I will NOT run away from this place.
This country is my identity. It's my home. It's a place which became ours because a 1000 gave their lives for it and are still doing it so that WE could call something ours. I know it's called 'the most dangerous place in the world'. It's still mine.

This is my Pakistan. And I love it.

Rest of you effers: Shame on you guys!


  1. Maryam said...
    Applaud the sentiment. Even if I'm an eternal pessimist myself. But I've never said I don't want to live here anymore.
    Anushay. said...
    I know. I don't know what is wrong with people. I mean theek hai yaar we can all see the flaws. Infact, everyone can. Deal with it.
    Maryam said...
    I never thought I'd say this. But...I like the pink and black *shoots herself*
    americanising desi said...
    i love it too!
    but i m also willing to leave it!
    Sikander Hayat said...
    Today’s attack on Lahore is not Islam, Islam teach us humility, love and compassion for fellow human beings, Islam tell us to respect, women, elder and anything which is beneficial to humans even when at war. Let’s call these people what they are, they are our fascists who want a totalitarian version of their own perverted view of Islam to subjugate the free people of Pakistan.

    By Sikander Hayat
    Anushay. said...
    Mano: nanananana *celebrates*
    americanising desi: TSK TSK =P
    Sikandar: I agree with you. Totally. They are using our religion as a WORD. a WORD with no substance. Someone should blow THEM up!
    ¤Ü•B¤ said...
    I like what u wrote !!
    Anushay. said...
    ooooookay thank youu!

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