At 5:40AM, I sat on the wall of my terrace absorbing the breath taking beauty of my dead city awakening. My pajamas almost reaching up to my knees, the two t-shirts I wear not doing any justice as the cold morning breeze touched my skin creating goosebumps. I simply enjoyed all that God was giving me at that very second. Even the chiffon ka dupatta I had wrapped around was not helping me. However, none of this made me return to the warmth my razai offered back in my bedroom.
The birds had just started chirping, pairs of 3’s & 4’s flew across the sky, and the main road was already busy with trucks and lorries. Still, the rest of my city slept on this beautiful Sunday morning.
The streetlights are still on. Moreover, there is a dour dangling between my chatt and a tree in the front of my house. I am too short to reach for it. I think there might be a guddi lying on my chatt.
Mama’s lawn looks so beautiful in this dimly lit, sleepy morning. There are quite a few grey clouds in the sky and right this very second, an airplane is flying over my head.
I am so comfortable right now; it is almost unbelievable. Here I sit, on the same spot I sit every night just so no one could see me kyunke ‘ye theek baat nai hai. However, in the early hours of the morning,
I Own This Place.
Ha-ha! A hen just “ko-koro-koon"ed again. The crows are interrupting too. This scenario reminds me of my gaoun. The city is almost as peaceful as Wah. Almost. I miss it so much. I miss YOU so much, Amm!
The trees look fresh; I think they bathed themselves in happiness last night just so they would glow for me today. I can see a few clouds reflect the first rays of the sun.

Baba just came.
“Beta, neechay utro. Gir jao gi mujhay dar lagta hai!”
Hae! He’s so cute! I adore him so much! <3>


  1. ¤Ü•B¤ said...
    lolz... i love ur writing style its so funky :p ... aur it gives a cute feeling from it ;) !!
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    Anushay. said...
    Thankss thanks UB! haha cute feeling? oh okay.!lol!

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