He had not played since days. His finger yearned to touch the strings and make her love him again. Make her forget everything and make her his again. He outlined the guitar strap as adrenaline pumped though his veins, pushing him towards what his body wanted. He picked it up, put the strap on & went and stood in front of the full-length mirror.
Do I still have it in me? He fooled around with the E minor string before passionately taking a dive in the cold world of music. Only, it wasn’t cold. It felt right, it made him warm. He felt at home.

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react

He let his emotions go. He let him self drown. He wanted her to hear him, his honesty, his apology, his bare truth. He sensed her in the room. He knew she was observing him. He knew she always did that. He knew it so well.
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

She came and stood behind him. He opened his eyes and saw that his reflection was now complete. She peeked from behind him, her eyes taking in everything, as if she was looking at him for the first time.
Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back

He truly sang then, just for her. Lowering his voice, he urged her to come forward, urged her to hear him. Pleading her to forgive him, to forget it all & just be them again.
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

She came near him and he saw the perfection of those beautiful black eyes stare back at him. He saw the color rise to her cheeks and she shone radiantly, wanting him to sing forever. He would do it, if it meant having her walk to him slowly, with that impish gleam in those unforgettable eyes with long, curled eyelashes.
Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now

She hugged his waist from behind and leaned on the right, as she always did. He could hear his smile in his voice as he stared at her. He knew she felt protected when she was with him. He knew it, he knew it all. She kissed his shoulder and he looked at the face that made his life so easy. Her hair, falling on her forehead, was cut till her shoulders. Her pierced nose that he found so sexy. And her lips, so small, like a birds. That’s what he told her, like a birds.
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along

They both sang together & gave the song the perfect ending. She bend her head, as he put his arm around her shoulder and gave her a hug. A kiss on the cheek felt perfect at that time. She wiped the sweat off his forehead with her bare hand and snuggled closer to him.
“I know, I know, you’ve heard better!”
“But…I haven’t! I won’t! Ever."


  1. AD said...
    you so make me envy you :)
    dont ask how where what why!
    you just so do :D

    and cheers to singing... not just together but in isolation too!
    Emma W. said...
    Kuddiye; you're gonna make me fall in love with any guitarists/singers I know. *humph*
    That includes Nile. And he's my first cousin yaar! And.. *tsk tsk sniff sniff* BK too!

    I iz loves this. :D
    CrazyLady said...

    I'm jealous.:(

    *presses Like button even though there isn't one here.MEH*
    siras said...
    This was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome! Just LOVED it! =D
    Ubaid said...
    0_0 .... amazing !!
    Anushay. said...
    AD: Flattery flattery! Thank you =)

    Emano: Nile...*giggle* HAHAHA
    Kidding. Yeah it ain't that bad. =p

    Machi:Thainks man. Like it as much as you want =D

    Siras: WHaooo thank youuuu! =$

    Ub: Thank you =)

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