• Yassu, panju, haar, kabootar, doli.

  • Eenie meenie minie mo, catch a cobra by his toe, if he screams let him go, eenie meenie minie mo!

  • Ready 1-2-3 and a half past 3, ready GO!

  • O pillar! Caterpillar, lady bird, ping-pong! O pillar-caterpillar-ladybird-pingpong-STATUE!

  • England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales! Inside, outside, inside, SCALES!

  • Miss Mary jab chooti se theen to un ki addat *yunh yunh thi*

  • Home, garden, river, sea, ocean, crocodile, DRAGON!

  • Country-country.

  • Dus patay toray, ek patta kacha, hiran ka bacha..

  • Oonch neech

  • Baraf Paani

  • Chupan chupai

  • Teelo Andaa

  • Pithu Garam

  • Tip Top

  • Cheeri uri, kawaa uraa

  • Charlie Chaplin went to the farm to see a lady disco dance...

  • My mother, your mother living in the street 18-19 strawberry street...

  • Chan chan chan mera toot gaya button...


  1. Ubaid said...
    i only remember yassu, panju, eenie meenie, dus patay toray.... baki sab kya hain :s ??
    Anushay. said...

    Miss mary nai yaad hai to you should be thank ful.

    Ready 1-2-3 is the game where we all speak taking turns. we speak a word or 2.
    eg (continuing from the post)
    >be quick
    >names of
    >(whatever's) name
    and so on.

    Ach now I can't explain SARAY =|
    Ubaid said...
    oye haaan... mujhey yeh yaad aa gaya but i didn't knew its name...

    hum larkiyoun key saath yeh khela kertay they ...

    abhi bhi hum PU jaa ker kheltain hain kabhi kabhar but we usually play baraf pani ya phir tip top ...
    Maryam said...
    Mujhe (obviously) SAB yaad hain =D
    Lekin eenie meenie walay mein *catcha nikka by sco* samaj ati thi hamesha HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Aur ye river, sea, ocean muje nai pata kya hai
    Sidra said...
    Miss Mary jab chooti se theen to un ki addat *yunh yunh thi*
    Anushay. said...
    "catcha nikka"
    stupid. River sea seeriyon pe khaili jato hai =)

    Sidra: Hum bachpan mein dus dus larkiyon k groups bana k kheltay thay =| Miss Mary ko maar ke chaein ata tha. lol

    Ubaid: Han ti ptip, baraf paani, oonch neech, kho kho. gooooooooood times =)
    siras said...
    I remember the first two, I don't think I've ever played the rest! This brought back fun memories :)
    Anushay. said...
    Siras: That's exactly why I posted this =) We seem to forget the small things that made us happy. Just wanted people to take a walk down the memory lane and be happy again. Even if it was just for a few minutes =)
    AND, welcome! =)

    *tip top
    DysfunctionaL said...
    I'd like to add to the list..

    - cheeeel uriii.. kawaaa uraaa.. etc
    - cinderella dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kill her fellow
    Anushay. said...
    Cheeri urriiiiiiiiiiii *aww*

    Cinderella wala i don't know at all.=|

    I'll edit my post and add all the ones we all remembered =)
    Eeda said...
    sucha fob i know all of these.
    you forgot

    'charlie chaplin went to the states
    to see a lady disco dance.
    knees. toes.around we go.
    salam to the king and bow to the queen.
    if you want to play this game. u will count
    upto 10
    a 1. a 2. a 3 4 5. a 6. a 7. a 8 9 10 STATUE.


    'my mother ur mother living in the street in the 1819 strawberry street.
    when they have a fight.
    this is what they say

    boys are rotten made up of cotton
    girls are handy made up of candy

    boys go to school to get more fool
    girls go to college to get more knowledge

    boys go to jupiter to get more stupider
    girls go to mars to get more smart

    inki pinkie ponkie inki pinkie poo.
    inkie pinkie ponkie i love you.

    ima KID.
    i LOVED this post

    Marina said...
    AAAAAHHHH! Regression to childhood! I remember so many of these! =D
    Mujhay phir se chotay hona hai.
    Anushay. said...
    EEda i had forgotten themmm i lovedddd playing my mother your motherr

    and i added everything else everyone wrote that i remembered too

    meieny b choty hona hai.
    hfm said...
    ooh thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Ubaid said...
    hahaha ok you girls are going nuts over here :p !!
    Komal said...
    Aww. Brought back the childhood memories, which were buried deep down under the mantels of present work and shit going on!

    Don't remember all of them but most of it. Yeah!

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