A few memory-perfects in our lives:

Mano: And then you know what he said?
Naushay: What?
Mano: He said: "You know, slut is a very bad word!"

N: Hmm, you're such an ASL person!
M: Huh-wha-kiya-er-wha wha wha what do you mean?

M&N: GP!!!!! *chanting all over the place*

Azqa: What's GP?
Sidra: Haan, what does it mean?
Naushay: *chup*
Azqa: Gandi potty?
Naushay: EW!
Azqa: G**** Party?
Naushay: =\. HAHAHAHAA!

M: What the hell have you been teaching my sister? She says she learnt G**** Party from YOU!!!
N: Holy shit, wtf!
Sidra (later, alone in a conv with me): Hahahaha!!!

N: Mano, yaar, I have started cursing a lot
M: Exaclty! Tum kahin Sanaa se to roz baat nai kar rai ho?

N: Yaar woh ek gaali hai..I can't say it. But, mujhay uska meaning batao.
M: Oh, please! It's me, just SAY it!

N: I don't get it! How can he? He dosen't have blood in his body!
Sidra: Oh my God! =\. I don't know!
N: Ugh! I'll ask Mano. She has an answer to everything!

N: How does he do it yaar?
M: Omg! I thought the exact same thing! And the answer is: It's a fantasy, anything can happen!

N: I can't take names right now. Wait! Who's the person we bitch about the most?
M: Kaun? Meer?

N: Why the hell do you add people randomly?
M: I don't! I just add hot guys randomly!

Sidra (during a chat convo): Brb
Sidra (within 20 secs): Bhein****!
N: Oh, hi Mano! <3


  1. Ubaid said...
    hahahahah... lolz... you people are nut cases :p !!
    Anushay. said...
    Yaani best friends <3
    Ubaid said...
    yupz... may you always be there for each other =) !!
    Anushay. said...
    Ubaid said...
    sum ameen =) !!
    Maryam said...
    ULOO KI PATHI! Tumne aur meri behn ne QASAM khai hui hai public forums per meri bisti karne ki. Dafa ho jao dono. GP =D
    Ali said...
    Anushay. said...
    MAryam: Take in the attention and be happy. Mujhay bara maza araha hai.lol
    Ali: Yes, that's the usual reaction!

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