Every time she cracked a smile
She had to pay with a tear in her eye

Every time she thought she did good
She was given what she thought she never would

Every time she turned away
He stayed there and still lightened her way

Every time she saw misery
He held her hand and solved for her; her mystery

He made her look at what was the best
He granted her all the success

Still today she cries in front of Him
She thinks chances of being forgiven this time are slim

He still answered her that night
And released her from her fright

He answered her in her dreams
It was that night when no body could hear her scream

She had woken up her eyes swollen red
With a smile so huge & her wings widespread

She didn't think she could have been this grateful again
Just then it started to rain

A shower of blessing for her life ahead
Because of the tears she had literally bled

She's thankful again
And she promises not to complain
Because she knows you're there
And she believes you'll always be fair..

He begetteh not, nor is He begotten


  1. Komal said...
    Beautiful :)

    Loved these lines especially!

    Every time she cracked a smile
    She had to pay with a tear in her eye
    Anushay. said...
    Thank you =)
    Ubaid said...
    i also love that line which komal choose !!

    and it is beautifully written... i love poetry with raw feelings :) !!
    Anushay. said...
    americanising desi said...
    the closing lines are miraculous!
    they sparked the flame in me AGAIN!

    you so know how to do this. i envy you!
    yes i am sayin it out loud!
    Anushay. said...
    AD: You know that I love what you write and I am hooked to your & Daanish's blog and I await what you both have to write.
    That was a huge compliment for me & it made me S M I L E ! =D

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