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Is it okay
To wander so far away
That they don't catch you?
And it's impossible to break you?
Because you're in so deep
And all these secrets are yours to keep
Because childhood is long gone
And that's where we all came from
And it's these precious moments
Captured in form of these books and kept as my monuments
That I don't wish to let go
No, not today, not tomorrow
I'm moving on in life
But without these memories I couldn't survive

The little girl in me
Still dares to dream
To conquer these Elves one day
And the Fairies would watch in dismay
The Lands would await her arrival
And Naughty Amelia Jane
Would yet again
Stand there in denial.
The Enchanted Wood
Would ask me to re-live my childhood
And with Pip I would share
The Wishing Chair
And visit the Land of Pixies
And delightful would be our screams
Because now childhood is running in their bloodstream..


  1. Maryam said...
    I am nuts, Nuts, NUTS about Enid Blyton books. I still have all of my collection. Who says they're only for kids?
    Ubaid said...
    i have only read the book of brownies.... i was always a disney fan... :D !!
    Marina said...
    Oh I was crazy about her! She is the BEST children's author ever. I don't have my collection anymore but she was the reason I love books!
    americanising desi said...
    the good old days.
    where all that mattered were morals of the story :D

    lovely nostalgia!
    thank you Anushay!
    Anushay. said...
    Marina:Hae I don't have any collection either Marina. But I fell in love with the world she let me live in.
    I read a book of hers last year and it was amazing to experience it all again.
    Ubaid: Abhi bhi time hai parh lo!
    Maryam: Actually meiney na bachpan mein parheen theen to mere liay they are still for kids. I'm so glad Ahmed is growing up fast now I can read them all to him *yay*
    Americanising: =$ I quote from some passage I read: "Not long ago yet gone forever"

    Maryam said...
    Idiot. I read them when I was young. God. What I meant was, I can still read them and not think that they're only for kids.

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