So, I was making cookies. Again. And I broke my beater. Don't ask how. I was in a total "wtf" mood & there I sat watching Play Tv.

This made mein l a u g h . I don't know what else to say. Bas. Hadh hai.

Dude, whattey!


  1. Ubaid said...
    HAHAHAHAH !! are u kidding or was this really on PLAY TV ??
    Sidra said...
    I told you you're a disgrace to BAKING! I mean th self raising flour and the baking powder was just. Whattay. Were the poor cookies okay?
    Anushay. said...
    Ubaid: Seriously Play pe tha. The joy

    Sid: Yesterday, they were delicious. Today I used some other butter and didn't mesure correctly so they were..yeh..they were an anushay piece =D
    DysfunctionaL said...
    have u seen the punjaagi sequences on aag tv? those are pretty funny too!

    p.s. added u to my blogroll =)
    Anushay. said...
    Punjaagi Tootay
    Tooooooo good!!!

    ae thankss! =)
    Xeb said...
    I LOVED IT! :D
    Thank you!
    Komal said...
    Uffffffff tha bilkul =p

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