The passion in her eyes ignited a fire in him. He wanted to take her right now, right here in this mob of fifty. But, he waited. He knew it would be worth it. Just 5 more minutes & then they would make their escape. Apparently, "just" was not an appropriate word, he thought, as the few minutes ticked away slowly. He saw her narrow her eyes at him, a mischievous twinkle in them, and she turned away from him, making her way upstairs. Her hips swayed seductively as she walked, with her dress serving as another layer of skin on her body. The deep red colour of it made her pink lips more appealing. The deep cut of the back of the dress showed a tiny black beauty spot embedded in her skin. He wondered what else he would discover on her tonight. The thought pleased him, exhilarated him more. Finally, the bedroom. He quickly closed the door and fiercely drew her into his arms. Her hands moved urgently to open the buttons of his shirt as he pushed her against the wall, all the while feasting on her lips. He tasted her blood as he bit her tempestuously and his chest shook with delicate laughter. Instantly, she stopped and pushed him away from her with one hand. He saw her smirk as he heard someone move behind him. He suddenly knew what he had walked in to. What a fool he was! He glanced at her, one more time; her lips swollen & still bleeding a little & her chest rising up & down heavily. Bitch!

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