The weather makes me smile, makes me laugh , makes me giddy, makes me anxious, makes me a 6 year old child all over again.
I love it. The wind couldn't be soft enough. Sweet enough. The scenario of the leaves and flowers dancing couldn't be more beautiful.
A friend of mine picked me up at around 6 and we had planned to go for window shopping. We ended up in a park full of kids. HAHA! That was GOOD. We sat on the swings for about 5-10 minutes and I could FEEL the little bachi in me blush with happiness and sing on top of her lungs. It felt so perfect and SO right. It's like we were just meant to get swallowed by the wind and laugh our silly-ness away. Laugh our worries away. Laugh away everything. I'm not old at all but I felt like I was watching my memories rewind themselves and God had pushed the 'play' button so that I could appreciate everything this time.
I came back home later and raced upstairs, on the terrace, just so I could feel the wind again. I couldn't help but twirl and dance as the songs blasted in my ears. I was so pumped I didn't want this to stop at all. But, like everything else, it did. And I don't regret it. I enjoyed every minute of it.
I thank Allah for these precious moments he sprinkles in my life.
And I thank google for this blog which lets me draw a picture of all that I appreciate so that I read it some day later and relive it! =D


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