I honestly do not know how this will turn out to be. I don't really know what to write.
I know I'm a few days late, but you know how lazy I am =)

From countless hours on the phone, irrelevant conversations on the Internet, never meeting up, from acquaintances to best friends to just being good friends, obsessed with taking pictures, mood swings, to you growing up.

Manay, you may be a size of a midget, but I still love you. You may keep saying 'fuck you', but you never will be able to rape me just like that. You may not be as pretty as Bia, you will get married one day to this amazing, okay height wala man. Soon. Very very soon.

You may be all kinky and lesbianish with Bia in public and love Kasana till 'death do's you apart', you're still going to be one of the people I will remember all my life, cherish the friendship we have had, meet you twice in a year, bug you about getting married soon, whine to you whenever possible and all that crap.

I like the idea of telling everyone that you're 2 years older to me, now. Muhahahaha

Happy 21st birthday, bitch. I simply adore you! =)

This is the best I could do =P


  1. Maryam said...
    This is unexpectedly sweet. Really. And btw, in case you've forgotten I've never been as gay with anyone as I've been with you =P

    Thank you. So, so much. <3
    Anonymous said...
    uglyduckling91 said...
    Ubaid said...

    Palvshe said...
    what a unique way to wish ((: ... i like it !!
    Rahul Jain said...
    Wow very unique and sweet, hope you people be friends for ever..

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