Today, my Baba played the same old magic trick with me.
He pulled a toffee out of my hair. Out of the air. Just like that.
As always, I never asked how he did it. All the while, we both know how the trick is done.
I still giggled in delight and took the toffee.
I'm still your baby and you'll always be my Baba jaani.
I wonder if I would ever get enough of my magician... I don't expect to do that anytime soon. I don't expect to do that ever.


  1. uglyduckling91 said...
    hahaha. =D Awesome dad! \m/
    Americanising Desi said...
    siras said...
    Aww. :D
    SAMMb said...
    sweet. :)
    Ubaid said...
    Sweet :)

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