Two years have gone by and it seems as if it has been a decade since I last saw you. Your leave has changed our lives. In fact, it changed us. Your absence is not felt; it has just never been accepted.
still wish, hope that you’d call one day. The telephone will ring and it’ll be you on the other end from Wah. Sometimes, such hopes are our only way to keep ourselves sane. I look for your traits every time I come here. I have seen your eyes whenever I look at Bibi. Your wit & humor is around me all the time. It’s your love that I never found and I don’t expect to find it either. Ever. You’re irreplaceable.

My worst fear is inevitable. Still, the hope within me for immortality for a few never dies.

'Today', I hate you.

6th August 2007


  1. Shafi said...
    U cant say that... Ask for reasns.
    siras said...
    Ma God bless him/her.
    Lonely Perverted Soul said...
    Cheer up...

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