A tear escapes
Promises, they break
Lies were told
And these comforting words
Are now so cold

I heard what you said
I still let it go
You know what you did to me
Fuck you, bitch!
I'm not your whore!

Tonight, I'll try to regret
Tonight, I'm willing to forget
Tonight, I promise to believe
Tonight, I'll reach out for thee

But tonight I tend not to be stupid
Because 'tonight' will never come to me
Not today, not tomorrow
Never, sweety!

Could I BE more random and pathetic?


  1. brok3n said...
    third to last para kinda left me in ...a..non-explaineable aww..but the rest is well expressed. very eloquent if i must say.
    btw that last bit in the smaller font reminded me of Chandler from Friends...if u know what I mean =p
    Anushay. said...
    Hahah I know exactly what you mean!

    I'm actually watching Friends ke seasons all over again so this is becoming like everyday talk! =D
    brok3n said...
    haha Im watching re-runs too...*hi5*
    siras said...
    I especially like the second last stanza. :)
    Ubaid said...
    third one was awesomely done.... if you don't mind a little critics... so i must say you could have made the fourth stanza a little more emo :p

    and oh yeah if you didn't use the bitch, and whore thingy it still would made us understand what you meant :p

    BUT i love the scribbling :)
    Marina said...
    First verse - amazing <3
    Anushay. said...
    The bitch and the whore thingy is an insult and it was so needed!

    Being THAT emo is not my thing!
    Ubaid said...

    yeah read it thrice till now... i think this is definitly one of your bests!!
    Rahul Jain said...
    You too watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S...
    It is the best sitcom I've ever seen.. believe me.. you'll never forget joey's comedy in it..
    Lonely Perverted Soul said...
    Y everybody is writing so sad... :|
    Anonymous said...
    Awesome.You write so well.I didn't know you are so talented- a great cook, writer and a poet.Wow.keep it up.
    Anushay. said...
    GIgi no no no no. I'm no cook I just have awesome recipies! =D
    AD said...
    random and pathetic?


    absolutely NEVER
    Sami Saayer said...
    for the last line... NO!

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