I just came back from my now frequent shopping sprees and, there is this local brand "Now" which has THE most awesome t-shirts for guys. I resisted buying myself one with much difficulty! *damnit*

Okay my favourite one said something like:

"Public Message: Help the government; Kill yourself! P.S: Take some innocent people along with you"
I know I'm getting it wrong but it was hilarious!

Another one said :

"Na kar..."

I mean, wtf! lol

And the best one said the first 2 words in Urdu and the last in English:

"Mein hoon Pakistani"


Visit the site

Btw, anyone knows where to get Kami's patriotic t shirts? Oh oh oh & I got my red nail polish <3 *drools*


  1. Ubaid said...
    I have the "NA Kar" one....

    waisey do you know, you can even design your own shirts and get it printed....

    and yeh kami's patriotic shirt whats that ?? coz i got lots of patriotic shirts from LGS, they were collecting money ... and i got lots of them for free as well :$
    Marina said...
    I want Kami's shirts tooooo. Red nail polish is so very hot lol. I wanna go on a shopping spree toooo. Take me pwease?!
    Maryam said...
    ...didn't you already have red nail color? I remember some hideous, horribly painted nails at the play *turns up her nose*
    Anushay. said...
    Just put my nail polish on I feel like i'm complete now
    Marina ajaooooooo. This is like every second day for me now =| (Mashallah)
    Anushay. said...
    Khatam ho gai thi moti
    Jaylus na ho, whore!
    Xeb said...
    I really like Now Tees! :) Took lots with me to hand out as gifts when I went to the US last time! :) My favorite was a black T with a white line across is and a slogan which said: 'Line na maar' :)
    siras said...
    Oh those tees with funny slogans are so absolutely cool.
    Shona said...
    hahahaha ... I love the public message. See Anushay, only someone as insane as you can find something like that :P.
    Anonymous said...
    Hope you had fun with shopping.

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