How at times you have so much to say and yet you stare at your computer screen & nothing gets typed!

I have been having a hell of a time & wanted to blog about it all - then again: what to write, when to write etc etc. Blah

I don't know what to blog about anymore



  1. brok3n said...
    Don't worry about putting things into sentences...just put the thoughts in your head down as they are. Even if it doesn't make sense to others, you might feel lighter once you've shared.
    Writers Block is common. -shrug- buy me icecream -_-
    Ubaid said...
    lol, pehley konsa aap kuch khas likhti thee :p

    *says it in a very tanziya andaaz*

    oye just kidding :p you'll soon figure out what to write ;)
    siras said...
    I know what you mean! :(
    I'm having a BAD case of it. :(
    Bush. said...
    Holy shit! `tis the same here.

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