Well said, Shakespeare!

Exactly 19 days from now, I'll be getting ready to appear for my first exam.
My preparation?
I opened my Business Studies book half an hour ago and haven't been able to get past the second paragraph.
My plan?
100 pages a day & I'll be done with Business in 4 days.
The flaw?
I'm not the studious type at all! I get distracted very easily. And I take my time to study. I wasted all of April. May is here now. Ugh!

And to think about touching English Literature within these 19 days too.
The course?
1 book of poetry which contains 22 poems (I think)
1 poem itself which is of 5 cantos (I adore it)
2 Shakespeare novels (Ugh I suck at Shakespeare)
Katherine Mansfield's short stories (12 of them I think)
1 play each by Oscar Wilde (love him), Caryl Churchill (No idea), Harold Pinter (Very, very disturbing)

And here I sit, as Nageen says, "Blog, I don't know, after ever 5 seconds"!

My aim: Use of luxuries such as Internet, television, iPod after 9 PM starting from now. No more shopping, telephone calls & I definitely do NOT need to touch my cell phone (which btw I love and adore and I haven't had since a year now. Technically, I still don't have it but I get to use it if I want *sighs*) Since I went through the pain of staying away from it & still am going through it, that won't be a problem! To continue: No more going out anywhere at all. Except the plays of course! (Anybody for murder? & Ma ma mia!) And I really need to get my sleeping cycle straight.

I need your prayers =)


P.S: Blogging has become an addiction. I love it. Thanks Mano =P

P.P.S: If want to spend the minimum time in the kitchen and make a yummy-licious snack try this:


  1. Ubaid said...
    first of all me and my mom always laugh when people use such things :p come on yaar desi style isn't that hard to make soups and things ...

    i'll have to say ditto same for the first paragraph but khair a friend of mine who studies in lacas burki campus gave me 3 books of business, by khalid something (i always forget his full name) these are very handy books with 8 years past papers and answers and marking scheme it's helping alot =) !!

    thank God i ain't studying english literature, waisey bhi 2 months mai its not possible to do that :s

    damn my acca paper starts on the 4 th june too =(
    Anushay. said...
    If you knew how I cook... no one would be laughing. Everyone would thank God =P

    Ahan have a few friends there..I don't know it's too late to depend on more notes now. I'm up for Peter Stimpson, Sir Shameel's notes & a bit of Dave Hall.

    Literature..ummm it is possible don't worry. I do not have 2 months. I have 19 days.

    And, best of luck for your paper.
    Ubaid said...
    heheh... yeh point hai ... khair my mum has trained us well =) !!

    yaar mujhey sir shameel key notes mil hi nahi rahein kahin sey =( !! and that thing is not notes those are juts past papers, NGS main bhi sir ka past paper session was full so didn't get into that as i was having my accounting class by Mehwar mustafa at the same time =( !!

    hehe and nahi i literally meant 2 months as i started my alevels at the end of march !! :s

    and thanks... and i hate my center , royal palm =(
    Ubaid said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    momalmushtaq said...
    Hehe.... I face ALMOST the same problems before and during my Exams :P
    But somehow I get done with them... and that, too, with acceptable grades :D

    Best of luck.
    Maryam said...
    Ubaid, I'm an awesome cook and everyone agrees (I beat them if they don't) and I still use these ready-to-make mixes because
    a) they do actually taste good
    b) sometimes you just don't want to go through the whole process of making it from scratch.

    Anushay: HELLO?! Why isn't MY tag here?! I am responsible for this blog's existence!!!
    Ubaid said...
    chalo walid points... but like my mom teaches cooking as well toh she tought one thing that no doubt thats an easy way which does give taste but the quality of food becomes better if you just spend 4 - 5 mins extra... according to her all it takes to make a meal is 25 mins !!

    so ....

    khair i like the biryani masala's :D !!
    Anushay. said...
    Ubaid: Woh sir shameel k papers nahi hein it's like book available at a store jiska naam i don't remember. Royal palm? you hate it? are you serious? ACCA ke to centers holiday inn waghaira hotay hein be gladd! And yaar some of us just don't enjoy cooking like others =P And as they say "kuch logon ke haath mein taste hota hai" That taste is NOT in my hands!

    Mano: Done baby!

    Momal: So basically, there's hope for me =) Thank you =)
    Ubaid said...
    pls agar possible hua toh tell me the name of the book !! and yaar royal palm mayray ALEVELS key paper ka cener hai ACCA key paper ka center toh mayra liberty castle hai !! and royal palm is very far from my house i live a km away from thokar near UCL so it'll take me daily atleadt 1 hour to reach there =( !! so i'll have to leave house at like 6.30 am or something !! me not like this !!

    hahah ;p !! sahi !! taste develop ho jaye gaa try soaking your hands in different gravies ;) !!
    Anushay. said...
    Ubaid, you forgot to tell us your phones numbers (mobile, landline,moms mobile, bhais mobile, dads mobile) and also d.o.b of your family including you grandparents & not to forget your schooling and ofcxourse the most important part: your first words, the day it was psoken on, the date, the time, the word it self. And also when where you were born the name of the hospital, the owner of that hospital the doctor who attended your birth etc etc. Plisdotellokayfinethainkyoubyes
    Ali said...
    jeez give the guy a break, you girls want a reason to mock be it anyone.
    Ubaid said...
    Anushay. said...
    Ali: Sheesh! "you girls"
    Ubaid: HAHAHAHA!
    Ubaid said...
    it isn't funny ...

    Anushay. said...
    It actually is very funny!
    You do understand sarcasm afterall!
    Ubaid said...
    haan torturing masoom little kids like me with such words sarcasm hi toh hota hai :p
    Sidra said...
    Wow i am suprised. You know HOW to use a ready-to-make mix? =O. Very suprised you didn't call me and ask pani ke saath aur tou nahi kuch daalna?
    *refers to the fries wala incident*
    momalmushtaq said...
    Anushay: You're welcome :P
    Komal Ali said...
    Best of luck for your exams and cheers for procrastinating! I have been doing it with my econ project.

    I love those ready-to-make-mixes during the exams even though I am an awesome cook :P

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