Her: "Let's sleep now"
Him: "Nah, not yet"
Her: "Not yet? It's almost 6 in the morning. Hang up!"
Him: "Hmmm..5 minutes more?"
Her: "Fine! Only 5! And you hang up first tonight!"
Him: "Ahaan, sure! Yup, yup just 5! Ach, listen..."

20 Minutes later:

Her: "Let's sleep now na!"
Him: "Mmmm please 5 minutes more...."


  1. Xeb said...
    There are moments when sleep is seriously overrated! Life seriously seems very good then! :D
    Ali said...
    and when its all over, you cuss your self for wasting your time ^^
    Marina said...
    Hahahaha! I LOVED THIS POST! =D
    siras said...
    Aww, so absolutely cute! :)
    DysfunctionaL said...
    aww, young love!
    its perfect~
    momalmushtaq said...
    Hahaha... nice, nice :P

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