When I was a kid, my Apa used to sing this song. Being the padi I was & also an admirer of my sister, I used to chirp in too. I learnt the lyrics ( and forgot them eventually as I grew up) and used to sing along with her whenever she used to be singing it for anyone. I love this folk song. And, I miss my Apa =)

Loey loey bhar lay kuriye jay toon bhanda bharna
Shaam paey bin shaam muhammad, ghar jandi nay darna

Mali da kam pani dayna bhar bhar mashkaan paway,
Malik da kam phal phul laona laway ya na laaway

Masjid Dha Day, Mandir Dha Day
Dha Day Jo Kujh Disda
Par Kissay Da Dil Na Dhaween Rub Dilaan Wich Wasda


  1. CrazyLady said...

    My mother sings it like a lullaby.
    Anushay. said...
    With the "ooOo"?
    If yes, that's how my sister used to sing it too =)

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