My friend called me up last Wednesday to inform me that the teacher had started on the accounts wala section in Business Studies "out of the blue". I ask her if there is going to be a class on Thursday. She says no. I'm confused but I let it go. Apparently Friday, Saturday & Sunday are
officially off waisay he!

Monday: Anushay couldn't sleep all night so she sleeps at 10AM only to wake up at 6:30PM. Tuition starts at 6. Anushay missed it, DAMN!

Tuesday: Anushay gets ready and waits for her friend to pick her up. 5:55PM Anushay calls her up only to know that the Teacher had taken the day off because she had migraine. Anushay is sad.

Wednesday: Anushay sleeps at 11AM and sets an alarm for 2PM. She wakes up at 6:30 and curses herself.

Thursday: Anushay has not slept the whole night because she has to go for tuition today. She is feeling weak & is damn tired. 5:55PM Anushay's friend turns up at her place and exclaims : "Haeeee Anushay tuition to aj 4-6 thiiii tum kahan ki tayaari le kar baethi ho?" Anushay wants to murder her.

*looks above*


  1. ¤Ü•B¤ said...
    hey u doing alevels ?? waisey the finance section is really easy ...

    and wow... u sleep alot... i daily sleep at like 2 am and wake up sharp 5.30 am :D !!
    DysfunctionaL said...
    aww and JUST when u make the effort, it blows up in ur face!
    Anushay. said...
    I need a minimum of 12 hours ki sleep on daily basis warna I get very tired & cranky!

    Dysfunctional: yeah, i know. I actually wondered why I as even bothering after all this. *de-motivated*
    Ali said...
    dnt u go to school or some thing?
    Anushay. said...

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