The thing is, I have a lot of friends and I am very close to most of them. So the phrase 'best friend' is commonly used by me. But this one person has been amongst the only 2 people in my life who know 90% of my stuff (which is A LOT). That's Nageen. I've been studying with her since 4th grade. We detested each other. Times changed and we started tolerating each other in 9th grade. We used to go to school together and come back together too. We had other friends to hang out with but we shared almost everything with one another. She lives 8 houses away and we never have time to visit each other because the car is unavailable. She never calls. Only I do that. That's the reason it's good till today, bitch! we've never gone out for lunch, movie etc. 1-2 concerts maybe. That's it. We talk on the phone for endless hours. We haven't talked to each other for months for no reason at all(literally) & I called her up to ask for a favour and she fulfilled it. Yeah, that's her. If i've ever been upset & on the verge of murdering everyone and I just need to give this woman a call. Her sarcasm makes me laugh. It tells me what an idiot she is. She's an amazing friend.

And a few month back I got to know she'll be leaving for America. Forever. I could not imagine my "peechay wali street mein rehnay wali friend" won't be there anymore. She won't be a walk away. No one would take my straightener no more. I wouldn't have her to borrow clothes from. I wouldn't be able to call her anytime any day. I wouldn't have a Pizza with her on the second day of Eid. I won't have her to bitch about or to bitch with. I was very upset. I want the best for her but I can't think of her not being here. But I still prayed/pray for her =)

Hardly half an hour ago she told me she ain't going to America after all. Not for now at least. I couldn't *yay* or smile enough. <3>

*anushay does her happy dance*


  1. ¤Ü•B¤ said...
    bachat ho gayee tumhari :p !!
    Komal said...
    I had the same emotions almost a year ago but I was the one leaving my amazing friend :)

    There is no replacement of a bitch..oopsscc BEST FRIEND :)
    Anushay. said...
    Ubaid: Ach.

    Komal: I knowww no one can replace that one personnnn...lalalala..i m still so happy!

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