Yes, I do.

When people ask/say : "Magar tumnay to blog mein YE likha thaaaaaaa"
"Tumnay ye KYUN likha tha?"

I truly want to murder them.
If I wanted to talk about it with you, I would have. You obviously do not matter shit to me and THAT is why I write stuff so openly Yes, MY blog. Not a place which concerns you or my feelings regarding you but MY blog. It's about ME. My feelings regarding whoever the hell I want. My writings. My obsession. My friends. My favourites.ME ME ME ME. Ok? You copy?Ugh.

Don't fucking say stuff like this to me, okay readers? (2-4 that there are)


  1. Maryam said...
    Hahahahaha hypocrite kahin ki! Most of the time, I feel the same and there you and my sister are, "Ye kis ke baray mein likha hai?", "Is walay post ka kya matlab hai?", "Haw Mano/Mona, kya hua tumhara post aisa tha blah blah".

    Don't deny it. You know its true.
    Anushay. said...
    I just remember asking you ONCE
    Not ever again.
    I deny it uskay agay
    cuz as i recal even our last conv i have even stiopped commenting on yr posts. lolll
    So yeah, ONCE BABY!
    ¤Ü•B¤ said...
    =( !!
    Abdul Sami said...
    lol... i have never had anybody question me :D !!!

    then again most of my stuff is between the lines :D
    Anushay. said...
    I'm an open book and my cousins and friends keep quoting stuff i say here!=|

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