It's incredible. The sky has merged a combination of orange & pink at this hour. Although the view from my bedroom did not do anything to tamper the beauty outside, this morning I felt like being cozied by my razai..almost as if creating an illusion of warm arms wrapped around myself.

"Hae aisay na aahein bhara ki jiay"
The lightening excites me, electrifies me, invigorates me as if to say, 'The storm within isn't the only one that exists, does it now?'
"Dil tumko he chahaey to kiya ki jiay"
Another bolt of lightening sprawls across the sky & I stare at it. Almost challenging it to convey the same intensity I felt. I blink once. Twice. Another silver-blue bolt tore the sky & acknowledged my challenge.
"Tum jo pakar lo haath mera duniya badal sakta hoon mein"
I keep staring outside and the song changes. The visual impact enhanced as the sky growled making it a feast for the eyes & the ears. I took one headphone out of my ear to listen to the anger of the clouds again & again & again.
"I look up at your house, I can almost hear you shout down to me, where I always used to be"
I liked the way the sound vibrated through my body & touched my heart. Literally. I loved it when the sound came for faraway as if making its way through the doors of evil to get to me.
"..and now you've disappeared somewhere"
And then it grew louder, harsher & it brushed against my heart, assuring me. I felt satisfied. Smug. Alleviated. So the sky felt it too,huh? More Lightening.
"mein wohi, tum wohi, samaa ye woh na raha"
I glance at the window again while writing this as if to ask: "So, you agree?"
Someone has lowered the volume of the noise, the chaos.
"auroon se shikwa par apnoon ne bhi kia kiya"
Or perhaps the storm outside had bowed down in front of me & admitted defeat. Or maybe, the sky felt it was free from impurities now...
I love every minute of it. I feel elated as I endeavour it all. This is my time & no one can steal it away from me.
Song List:
O mere dil ke chain -Kishore Kumar
And I miss you - Sade
Moray Piya- Jal


  1. ¤Ü•B¤ said...
    =) !! i like it...

    ok i have never tried more then one song while i write... i think i should try this thingy too...

    and am still loving the weather... and its still raining on my side !
    Maryam said...
    Yes. I like. And no, itni be koi sp/grammar mistakes nai hain =P
    Anushay. said...
    hahaha. Thank you both

    um ubaid mein ye ganay sun rai thi and jab us part pe pohanchti thi i used to write down the part i was listening to.
    Ali said...
    i was up that night not because of of the storm, but its implication.

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