There are moments which make you wonder. The ones that give you that sinking feeling of losing, the ones where you're in denial of failure. Of things that you always wanted; a car, a hug, money, kisses. Of the people that surrounded you and the memories you carry of them. What's so precious? The feelings, of course. That pain in your chest, thinking you might now breathe, you just might die. What happened? You're still alive. Let go of the pain. What would you do with pain anyway?

Let loose, and shake it off. Yes, just like that. Cry, snarl or howl, just get rid of it. Embrace something new, something that excites you. Inspire. I see change. The change lies in happiness. No, its not in what you think. In fact, its the little things. You try them, you feel good. Its yours, rape it. No, don't make love to it! I said, rape it! Use it, you earned it because you found it. Finders keepers! What's holding you back? Society, No, that's not true. Don't be afraid to give it all. You're not irrelevant if you stop living in someone else's world. Create your own meaning and be relevant in your own good way. For yourself, not for them. Sounds selfish, no? Yes, yes it does. Do it anyway.

I feel something. My feet, like I could prance around. Its swaying with my body and I'm dancing with it now. Cue, music. Its mesmerizing how amazing this feeling can be. Do I look beautiful? I sure as hell feel beautiful.

One by one, you create.
These moments, they make your life. Its worth remembering. Capture it in your book of memories, you'll come finding them soon.


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