Here’s to the mess we created,
the lives we’ve frustrated,
the white lies we told, 
the kisses we stole.
The people we lost,
Our little pitfalls,
The friendships we treasure,
And the reality it triggers.
The sneak outs,
The laughter,
All them crazy things we come after
The pictures,
The fags,
We’ve got it going mad.
The movie repeats,
Another year will retreat,
Celebrate your destiny
With moments of ecastsy
2011, You better be something good. Reaaaally Good! 


  1. Thinking said...
    hmmm....its very nice....

    Worth publishing and worth reading....
    ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...
    It;s not rubbish at all :)
    I loved it!
    It's very easy to relate to :)
    Maham said...
    your boss is such a taste-less person..diabetic hai kiya?
    Furqan said...
    Very sweet rhyming there.
    Imad Khalid said...
    Its pretty good :) and the things counts that you actually wrote something for the New year :)

    Btw i am your new follower. Hope you follow back :)
    DegeSMS said...
    Waaoo It very nice.
    i Have also wrote some poetry.
    Nushay. said...
    heyy thanks you guys :D

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