You see, they're not just in my head. They're everywhere.

It's these images, so disturbing, that I conjure. They make me strong, they make me go on, they make me cling on to the emotions, to the feelings that I can never have and that I desire to have.

I cried, for the first time in months, when I heard your voice. It's still divine. =)

You're always there. Always. Whether I want it or not. Whether I need it or not.
I want it this time. I need it this time. Where the fuck are you?

No, I haven't changed. I still won't admit it.


  1. Ubaid said...
    Americanising Desi said...
    :) you make me feel excited again!
    uglyduckling91 said...
    Where is the 'you'?

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