Amidst the tears of the people, the cold hugs and kisses & the pitiful stares, his eyes searched for her. She should be here... where was she? She'd know what to say to him, she'd know that he had to get away from all these people. She was the type of person he needed right now, the type of friend who was always around when most needed. She was the one who used to be standing there when everyone else had left. The one who just nodded off his rants & laughed at the most random things he said. She was the perfect friend, the best friend.

Her eyes assessed him, as she made her way towards him. He sat with his elbows on his knees, his hands hanging loosely in-between his legs, his head bent down. She could see the tension through his posture. She looked at the man he was forced to become in a matter of a few hours. She went and sat with him, aware of the tears his eyes possessed. She wanted to tell him that everything was going to be fine, the pain will ease with time but she couldn't bring herself to lie to him.

"I actually don't know what to say to you...”
He simply shrugged in answer.
The silence prevailed a little while longer before he broke it again.
"Will everything be okay? Is he really gone?” he asked with his voice barely over a whisper.
She looked away, not replying.
"Everyone has to go, right? Everyone. Will you leave me alone too?"
His words pierced her heart as she replied:
"No, I'm here to stay."
"As long as I can..."

And the truth couldn't have been harsher for either one of them.


  1. Ubaid said...
    You know what, i can actually relate to a coversation! Welcome back, loved the simplicity in it and well the feel of it was superb seriously :)
    AD said...
    :) i just think this post came at the right time
    Ubaid said...
    Anushay template ka code change kro naah . . . . I sent you in the mail naah . . . Change kro !
    siras said...
    Shafi said...
    "As long as I can..."

    eh.. I dont trust 'that' words anymore.

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