Records are meant to be broken.

Things are meant to change, eventually.

As far as stats are concerned, I reckon Pakistan leading by 69 to 46 wins by India in ODI's. Comparing matches played between the two in India, Pakistan again leads by ...17 to 9 victories.

Note: Regardless of being a world cup semifinal it is an odi after all, and that too, to be played in India.

Pakistan has a clear edge over stats.

Yet, to us, Pakistani's whatever the stats may depict, does not matter. We believe in our Nation, we believe in our Team, more than mere calculations of the past being used to decide that future.

Had that been the case, there would never have been the need for this match to take place. It would have taken just a piece of paper, a pencil or maybe a calculator to decide who the winner would be.

Moving on, honestly, it matters least weather it's Tendulkar or Kapil (the so-called gods' of Indian cricket) on the other end. We have shattered the stumps of all, for to us, they are nothing but mere mortals.
It does not matter what happens on 30th March, what matters is the belief, that We Can. And the strength to make it Happen!

One other piece of advice, do not simply rely on the fact that you've won all 4 World Cup matches against Pakistan. You might not be able to say 'all 5.'

Looking forward to a match as great as the rivalry between the two.

-Ahmed Nauraiz Rana


  1. Roshni said...
    hell to the yes!
    Closed eyes... said...
    'Tum jeeto ya haaro, humain tumse pyaar hai..'
    Tauqeer said...
    Afsos laiken...

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