It's a weird world we all live in. Weird, obnoxious rules we have to follow.


They say that. I am having problem putting into words the thing that is bugging me but I'm trying my best!

So yeah we all know everyone has to die one day. It's inevitable but still it comes as a surprise to everyone. Why? We're here the first place to make a difference or some other weird ass reason. Why? We have responsibilities, obligations, relations. Why? Money, career, relatives, friends, luxuries. You name it, we got it. WHY?

What if we are not able to reach that point in life which we have dreamed for? What if death stops us on the way of that journey?
What is this life for then? What if the responsibilities we are burdened with are not fulfilled?
Does money still matter when death cannot be ignored?
What if we have all the money in the world and not the time? Will we complete our educations then? Will we become engineers, doctors & architects then? Will we fulfill our dreams then?
Life's not unfair. I don't think that. But before we even blink, why is it ending? If not for us then for someone else?

I got to know my Chaachi has cancer. Again. I don't think she can be cured this time. Mom kept saying that she has 2 daughters left who are unmarried. What will happen to them? I kept remembering the way Chaachi kept hugging & kissing her grand daughter. The way that child kept running towards her Naani. I pray something good happens soon.
Life's not unfair, right?


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