She turned her back on him as he was about to raise his voice. She didn't want this to happen. He was the only one who hadn't been the way everyone else had. But now..he was amongst them. But she still loved him dearly. She couldn't place him where the others stood. She adored him. She couldn't even stay mad at him for making her cry.

She lay beneath the covers, the music blasting in her ears, trying not to give away the emotions that stormed inside her. She had contained herself all these years. She had built herself to face everything. And when she couldn't face it, she turned away from it. She was bent on being happy. Bent on suffering. She would lie if she said she was getting used to it.

It hurt her when she couldn't even shed a few tears in the silence of the night when she was all alone. It was as if she had to prove to herself, like she did to others, of how strong she she could face everything. She was tired of this game. She wanted to howl and release her pain. She wanted it all. But she was scared to let go and become weak. But beneath those stars..who would know? Everyone. How could she break down & then face everyone else. How could she cheat herself, when she acted in front of them, if she wasn't the same when she was alone.

She wanted to spread her wings and feel the air whoosh by as she just faced the warm heat of the she flew towards the sky..not knowing where it would 'end'..


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