SO, this stupid friend of mine has freaky issues. With her SELF ESTEEM. That was the LAST thing I EVER thought she would be having trouble with. Woman, you are the one person in this whole world who I can relate to on a very high level. And to see YOU of all the people get upset over stupid things stupid people say left me shocked. I still am and it's 20 minutes later, Mano. (meiney ye tab ka likha huwa hai)

You possess such qualities that make me admire you and look up to you and want to know you MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I love you, chawal! And nothing that any fucker can say shall change the person you are, no matter how bitchy(A)And even though at times my feelings are NOT this way for you(and neither are yours for me HAHA), I still wouldn't want to see you break down in ANY way or listen to crap which is being repeated by random people. Because it is YOU that makes others be like you & envy you. Isi liay they bakwasofy. Because they know they can't be like you,so they try to break you down. Sachi mein. Duffer na ho to! It's so obvious why don't you get it=

I <3>


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