A man died in my arms today. It was 3’o’clock.

I just heavily breathed as his blood kept rushing don my arms, making way through the gaps between my fingers. His eyes ran over my face before he passed out. I did not see recognition in them.

A scream cut sharply through the noise of the city.
I recognized it as mine. Desperately, I looked around for help and saw people rushing. Panicking. Some not caring. Amused. Just amused.

The bright lights of the hospital ward were like the sharp rays of sun for a blind to my sore eyes. I was numb all over. Even the dried blood on my hands and the stains on my jeans did not fade beneath my intense stare. Even the noise did not wake me up from the nightmare. It must be reality then. The place where nothing happened according to your needs. Your way. Your desire.

The doctor did not need to say anything. His eyes spoke too loudly for him. I went inside room 43 to see the man that lay there. He looked more peaceful since the last time I had seen him. He looked relaxed. Perhaps he was sleeping and not dead. Perhaps he was just avoiding the inevitable. Perhaps.

Who as he? I did not know. A friend. A lover, maybe.


A man died in my arms today. It is 7’o’clock now. And I hid my scars as I stashed my gun away, which was one bullet short since four hours ago

A man died in my arms today. A lover he was perhaps…


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