So I was thinking, while having lunch, of the days which make you feel so damn good. Mano, you understand, right? We've talked about them!

Yeah so the REASON we talked about them is because I was having the worst ever days of my life sometime back and the usual rantings and whining were going on and this one day we both we having a chat online and we insanely hyper for no good reason.W e just kept on laughing. Again, for no good reason. And we realised: it were days like these that make the worst ones tolerable.

So, abhi i was thinking: WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT PERSON NOW!?= It's been weird lately. I used to think I am moody but you burst my bubble love. And I signed in to blog about it and there you were sending me hug. It felt good and right alllllll over again.

I love you meri Mano Moti Khan. You be my fun & my drug to cure my boredom. I still do not like you at times though. HAHAHAHA! (A) Yes, mood swings babayyy!

Oh and also, I love it how we LITERALLY abuse each other. talk the way we talk all the time, *looks above and points* this too, and not be typical bitches. You know? You *heart* it too na? =D


  1. Maryam said...
    AWWWW I love you back! Though sometimes I want to block you from msn and call you a kaali kutti =)
    Hahahahaha HUGS!
    Anushay. said...
    kaali kutti
    you are just jealous that i m a sanwali hot girl (H)

    haan i feel like telling you to fuck off too at times but the last time i did it didn't turn out to be that good

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