Yesterday, while I had my Literature mock exam, rest of the girls were taking their Maths mock exam.
So they were confused about a question(if it were me I would be confused about EVERY question) and they asked for their Sir. He came and explained the error due to misprinting or something (I don't care/remember) And that's when I remembered Sir Abid the most! Yes, Sir Abid! He was my Maths teacher during whatever period I TRIED studying Maths in "O" Levels.
Haan to, I remembered that certain incident when we were taking our Maths mid-term exam and I was really relaxed because, as usual, did not know SHIT about the paper. So, I see this weird question and read it 5 times before asking for Sir because i had 'trouble'. So Sir walks in hardly 5 minutes later and asks who called for him. I raise my hand and he sighs. He actually did that. Then he came over and asked me what the problem was and I told him what it was. I did not understand why those 'certain digits' were where they were. Sir silently stares at the paper for 5 seconds and without saying a word turns around to leave the classroom. And, before stepping out he says to the teacher/invigilator:
"Agar ye bacha mujhay ahinda bulaey to mujhy please na bataiey ga" (If this child calls me again, please do not bother informing me)

And I am literally buried in my paper trying not to laugh. I got to know later why he said it. The "digits" were part of the question and not a miss-print or extra stuff added 'by mistake'. Does this tell how much I hated/hate maths?=D


  1. Maryam said...
    Poor Sir Abid. You're worse than I was. WAY worse =|

    Btw, I HATED Sir Abid. Lol.
    Anushay. said...
    hahaha. You never had a clue I was THAT bad?=P

    I never did. I kind of miss him now =D

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