I was reading the Sunday newspaper today, scrawled on the sofa like a lazy cat and I came across INSTEP ka page on how bollywood movies have evolved from typical mother india movies to what we see now a days etc etc!

And going through it I read this dialouge: "Kuttay, kameenay, mein tera khoon pi jaoun ga". My smile was SO huge and I couldn't help giggling. I resisted my hysterical laugh because I knew everyone at home would have thought I had gone mad. And I remembered a friend who is apparently 'old & gone' now. Harris. Uf, he used to make me hold my stomach with his pathetic mimickeries. If it wasn't this line, it was SRK. I HATED that one. Why? Because he talked to me for about half an hour with THAT effed accent. =. And if it wasn't these actors, it was someone in his family! HAHAHA! Itnay bhi kameena tha! But, it was fun! You made me laugh. Good enough!

And I remembered another incident then. I was about to start a levels and was pretty upset because I remembered Mama & Baba give proper lectures to my elder siblings and giving them time/attention and discussed the subjects they wanted etc etc. And yes, it wasn't happening with me and I was all "KYA BAKWAS" and rant rant rant! He actually had that discussion with me then so I would shut up! hahhaa! And then when I finally DID take up on weird ass subjects, during my mid-terms, a night before my economics paper I called him up: "MEIN KYA PARHOON!? ECONOMICS MERE PALAY NAI LAG RAHA YE KYA BAKWAS HAI YAAR! MEIN SOCH KYA RAI THI ECONOMICS LETAY HUWAY" & whine whine whine! So, he tried to get micro economics in head! And I kept saying "KYA BOL RAE HO MEINEY TO YE PARHA NAI HAI AAJ TAK!" lol. He tried making me open my books that night. And I actually started my half-crying half-sobbing half-whining screams "TUMHEIN SAMJH NAI ARAHI MEINEY NAHI PARHNA AUR MUJHSAY AB KOI AUR BAATEIN KARO...NAHI MEINEY BOOKS MEIN SE EXAMPLES NAHI PARHNAY DAFA HO JAO TUM! BOOKS HE KHOLNI HOOTEN TUMHEIN CALL KARTI KYA?" hahaha! And your brother was in the same room and saying "BOOKS KYUN PARHNAY KO KEH RAHAY HO USAY KYA HO GAYA HAI WAISAY HE SAMJHA DO! " and you were in between all this chaos going "EK RAAT PEHLAY KITAABEIN KHOLAY BEGHAIR PARHO GI TO YAHI HO GA". Baray he chawal ho tum. hahaha!

And I just remembered Saad abhi. That hot voice wala interviewer who made me stammer and say : "ah um yess this is her.. I mean me..I mean Anushay" hahahaha! I am SUCH a sucker for guys with hot voices! =D

AND I just got to know whattey flirt I am = UNINTENTIONALLY! Sheesh!


  1. Solitary said...
    Chamat khana hai tight wala?
    Solitary said...
    Anushay. said...
    Depends..Pata nai who it is willin gto slap me =|
    AND what is so slap-able in this post?=|

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