So Sadia came over again to help me study. I have a Business exam tomorrow and I sat studying Literature.
I didn't want to study either of the subjects.

Anywhuuu..the poor soul is dead tired and still helping me and trying to put some Julius Caeser in my teeny tiny brain. And the examples she gives?Ahem:
"Yaar dekho it's like this maamo of mine..he always says ke mein Islamabad nahi jaoun ga magar hum jab janay walay hotay hein na to gari mein sab se pehlay woh baethay hoty hein and sab se khush wohi hotay hein"

This was suppose to make me understand why Julius Caeser did what he did. We both coudln't find the proper vocabulary to put it into words. HAHAHAHA. Sadi you are soooooooo cute *heart*

I have planned to start studying at 6 and I don't feel like it. I just want to have fun. I want to FORGET studies and forget I have exams.
I want to fly.
Yes, I do.


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