She took in a deep breath and the cold air stung her throat but it did not alter her plans. She took a swift look around the upper story of her house from the doorway to the terrace to make sure that no one was nearby. Then, she firmly closed the door as she embraced the freezing moonlit night. She hurried over to the corner and sat down; rubbing her hands, with her knees touching her chin. She was shivering so hard! However, she knew it would be worth it.

Taking out the matchbox, she glanced and the sky, just to see the stars staring down at her. She felt consoled. Invulnerable. She lit the matchstick and-

She started it with her hair flying around her, the aroma of seduction enhancing her sexuality. She moved to the rhythm of her own. The stud in her belly button gleamed as light was casted on it occasionally. She swayed, she moved, she made admirers thirsty for her & she broke the silence which no one could hear. "Raks Sharki", it was called. But she seemed to give it a whole new, different meaning. The hip scarf high lightened her every move. She made waves & swayed like there was so tomorrow. She started shimmying-

Sssssssst. The light was about to fade out and the heat had become unbearable for her thumb and index finger as she held the matchstick. Smoothly, she took another matchstick out of the
matchbox, using her other hand, and lit it from the glow of the already existing, but dying match and-

It had worked. You're mine, she thought as his sensual gaze met hers and he joined her to create fireworks. The music changed as they melted in each other’s arms. He held on to her tightly, afraid that she might vanish if he took his hands off her even for a minute. With one hand on her waist and the other holding her hand, he started to lead her. Their footsteps eventually caught up to the rhythm and they flew across the floor. He turned, with her hand awaiting for him, grabbing her right hand and making her twirl as she reached out for him for his left hand. He made her twirl again and again. The music started running through their veins and they both started the semi-twirls, each taking turns. Their bodies matched each other’s rhythm. He then twirled her around with one hand as he circled her. They melted together again as their dance created a passion unknown for others. She let out a sensual laugh as she leaned on him. They had created a story of their own. She finally leaned backward on his arm & giving their dance one last sensual move he kissed the sensitive vein on the right side of her neck, which made her knees go weak...
They had created magic through their Salsa and it was time to move on...alone. With only each other on their minds.

She blew out the match before the fire bit her. Taking another one out and lighting it, she lit the cigarette that waited to be acknowledged & inhaled it in. Letting the smoke out, she gave a satisfied, smug laugh.

And they said she shouldn't play with fire.


  1. Anonymous said...
    u guyz r perverted but i lik it.... a better version of judith mcnaught....i wud want to read it ahead....;p
    Anonymous said...
    u guyz r perverted but i lik it.... a better version of judith mcnaught....i wud want to read it ahead....;p
    Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Anushay. said...
    ek taraf you like it dosri taraf you want me to write about pathans keeping it hot
    pathans don't have that imaginary effect on me =S
    keep your koochas to yourself

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