Dear Contestants,

I'd like to tell you what I think of you.( I love doing this because, here I ACTUALLY give an opinion without being interrupted. I *heart* blogging. =D )

Kris: I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing Simon said, before he said it. I did not remember who you were throughout the competition & was really surprised when you got in over Megan. I think your vocals aren't that bad but you're only still here because you're cute, boy!

Megan: You're a doll. SERIOUSLY! Love it. Love the twist in your voice. But the song that you sung today? What the HELL went wrong with you girly?= Did the song not SOUND stupid to you while you were rehearsing? Sheesh. You are so totally amongst my top 5.

Anoop: Boy, I adore you. Totally. I LOVED your song today. Your performance. To hell with the judges. You are my 2nd favourite in this competition. =D

Matt: You are like the carbon copy of your father during his younger years. I saw it in the picture. If it wasn't one of yours. The one with the little boy with his parents. That wasn't your son, was it? If it wasn't, dude, you look SO much like your father. And you have something really different about yourself. I don't really know what to say about your singing though!

Danny: I do not know what the hype is about. I don't like you as much as the judges do. Not even close to it. i don't see what they see. Which does not mean you are a bad singer though!

Alexis: You are SO cute. I LOVED you from the time you entered that audition room. And I loved you today. I am glad you came out of your cute bubble =)

Allison: You are definitely my favourite amongst the girls. I LOVE your unique voice. I just L O V E it. Love the hair too. And the attitude. If you were a boy, I'd even say your voice was soo sexy i could get down with you anytime any day. But you aren't so let's just stick with your voice is good. =D

Scott: You're awesome, love. I respect you SO much. Wow. I swear, I have no words for what I think of you as a person =)

Jasmine: I have no idea what you are doing in this competition. I am sure you're going to be the first one to get out of this competition.

Jorge: Again, don't know what the hype is all about. You're good. But not magical, you know?

Lil Rounds: I like you. I do. But I hope my other favourites make it to the top and not you. Not that you are bad. You just remind me of this already American idol winner. Forgot her name. So, yeah =). And I did not like your clothes today. =P

Michael: Dude, you are ALSO my favourite. I was SO happy you got in. Since the time you auditioned, I hoped you would. I wish you make it till at least the top 5 =)


P.S: Simon, you just keep getting sexier.


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