This picture was taken about a year back. When I had my summer vacations..was having a horrible time, in a very depressed state and was having a number of sleepless nights. As usual, I went and stood on the terrace at my favourite time of the day: 5Am.

The results of the stupid 2MP camera are shown very easily as it refused to capture what I wanted to: The young boy on the street with a brown bag slung on his shoulders.

I stood there, surrounded by chirping birds and a city that was waking up. The sound of the cars from a road nearby, the opening/closing of doors in the neighbourhood, the old uncles taking a morning walk on the street..everything was like a picture coming to life for me. This was what I loved. Peace. I could already smell parathas being made somewhere and the aroma made my stomach SCREAM for food (as usual!)
As I was relaxing and taking in the scenario which was in front of me, I heard faint steps coming from the lane that ran next to my house. In a few minutes, this chap appeared - enjoying the morning as much as I was. But, in a very different way.

He was half skipping-half walking, stopping every now and then to touch the tiny flowers and even plucked one or two. What really HURT me was that the child, who was younger to me, then suddenly went towards the garbage and started digging in. Finding something he liked, he opened that bag he hauled with himself and threw it in. I was standing too far away to actually see what it was. I just stood there as a silent breeze passed by me, my eyes still on the spot where that boy had been seconds ago.
Life blessed me with so much. I was awake at this hour because I could not sleep in that freaking cozy bed of mine. I wonder what kept him's not really hard to figure out, is it?

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