The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.

That's the literal definition of escapism. But of course, being a Literature student, nothing is so subtle. Everything is harsh. I've been studying Katherine Mansfield lately (who BTW I got to know is a lesbian which REALLY amuses me for some weird reason) & the text that I am doing really blows me away. She portrays her women as weak and submissive the society generally portrays us. She writes about the norms of the society women have to follow which till this day are very accurate. What bothers me the most is the surreal world she creates. It makes me wonder if the women I read about are a reflection to what I am. I like to BELIEVE that i do not have a surreal world and I'm not an escapist. I'm sure I'm not but then sometimes it makes me wonder that all the thoughts, all the writings..what are they? They ARE in fact an escape from the world I am living. It disturbs me. So I dedicate a whole different category to the world I create on paper. The world I give life to.
This truly is my escapism. And I accept it.


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