A few shaadi "Don't yous"

  1. ..hate it when a cat gets under your table when you are having food and then you can't even freaking concentrate on what you are eating?(Freaking cat, GET OUT!)
  2. ..hate it when the cute guys you're checking out just happens to go and stand next to your brother?(koi aur nai mila tha kharay honay ko saath?)
  3. ..hate it how the photographer/cameraman just happens to come when you neckline decides to drop an inch or two lower?(Dekhna kia hai bhai?)
  4. ..hate weddings which take place in another city? Like you have to travel all the way there? (Same city mein larka/larki thoondna mushkil tha kia?)
  5. ..hate short shirts in majority when the trademark fashion now-a-days is LONG shirts?(I just HAPPENED to be the only one in a long shirt=O)
  6. ..hate weird paindu shaadi's where girls don't give a shit about how paindu they look? (saary.)
  7. ..hate weird wedding night jokes around the stage?(What the HELL is wrong with you people. It's not like YOU never had sex/are going to have sex!)
  8. ..hate wedding which start late and end within 2 hours and you have to drive a looooooooong way back home?(Shaadi ka shashka choora kyun pehli jaga pe,idiot?)
  9. ..hate WAITING for the 'baraati's' to come? (Who BTW seem to be taking AGES)
  10. ..absolutely hate making polite conversations with people you KNOW if you met somewhere else you would never even look at them again?(I sound like ahorriblebitch!)
  11. ..hate cheap boys dancing like the are 'The thing'?(Sheeshay mein dekh kar nacho pehlay!)
  12. ..hate it when guys who are checking you out actually go for the excuse of making videos from their handy cams thinking you do not know that the recording light TURNS ON when they are ACTUALLY recording?(I'm not an illiterate, you know?)
  13. ..just hate weddings you HAVE to attend for no good reason at all?(I m sure you have guessed: a very bad recent experience!)


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