So I am sitting, not studying, watching American idol re-run as i missed the live show and my father is in the same room doing a number of things. He likes to be updated with everything so every time I watch American idol he keeps asking me for details and who's in the top and who's out (not caring what I am actually saying) etc etc!

So Adam Lambert comes and I am all panting telling my brother how much i LOURVE the boy and his goth look is REALLY attractive and I believe he is IGNORING me as this is the usual case ke my Baba,who is standing behind the sofa that I am sitting on, suddenly goes like:
"Oye ye to larka kaafi acha ga raha hai"
"jee baba.I really like him"
"Ye to smart bhi hai"
This is like a normal conversation as we keep discussing what's good in a guy and what's not. It's unusual but I'm VERY frank with my father. So haan we are like discussing whether this guy is good looking or not:
"But baba yaar..he's gay.."
"haan na check him out skinny jeans with knee boots. I like wearing such stuff. You can TELL. The AROMA is gay"
"ohhh..beta ye to Khuda ki lanat hoti hai"
awwww he's shooo cute

That was just a judgement I had about Adam Lambert - and he proved it a few seconds later when Ryan said to him that Simon compared him to Edward Cullen:
"ooh I've read all the series i LOVE him"


I do not mind you are gay. It just HURTS 'cuz you are so fucking attractive in your gothic way

The Candy floss is either lost, taken or gay.


  1. Sidra said...
    Adam Lambert= <3
    Anushay. said...
    I know.


    Naushay be candy floss-less!

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